Surgras shower oils

APO declines cold process soap in liquid version!
Discover our new range of cold process shower oils. 

Why are the APO shower oils different?
A formula that takes care of us.
The natural glycerin and oils in surgras bring moisturizing and ultra-nourishing properties to the soap.
A real oil with only 5 or 6 simple and reassuring ingredients.
A bottle that takes care of our planet.
his bottle is exceptional because it is made without a drop of petrol. The material used is 100% vegetable (cane sugar waste), a renewable resource.
Recycle your bottle with green waste, it will disappear in less than 90 days in industrial composting, without any toxicity at the end of its life.
Its label is 83% of vegetable origin. Recyclable label and capsule: sort them in the recycling garbage can.

Câlin - Baby & Sensitive Skin - 500 ml


Bonheur - Very dry skin - 500 ml

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Relax - Very dry skin - 500 ml