Magnetic soap holder

Amagnetic soap holder you won’t be able to live without !

Minimalist, practical and aesthetic, this magnetic holder is THE solution for keeping all your solid cosmetics in your bathroom clean and long-lasting.

Super convenient : It can be fixed to any wall (smooth, dry and without roughness) thanks to its magnetic suction cup.

An innovative, zero-waste solution for storing your solid care products (soaps and shampoos): they will dry completely and quickly without softening for a longer life !

 -5€ on the set of 3 

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100% French manufacturing

The new bathroom essential
The magnetic soap holder is the ideal accessory to accompany your daily zero waste routine :
Useful: it can be fixed thanks to its magnetic suction cup (without drilling or gluing). You can move it around and hold it in any position, as many times as you like. You can even take it on holiday!
Discreet: very small, once the soap is positioned on the soap dish, you will not see it anymore.
Economical and ecological: :a durable accessory that helps extend the life of your solid cosmetics!!

Extend your solid cosmetics!
Like the solid care (soaps and solid shampoos) are levitating and consequently they do not rest on any surface, they dry more easily and suffer less residual loss (bye bye stagnant water!).
The result ? The shelf life of your solid cosmetics is extended !
A real must in your bathroom, but also inyour kitchen ! Complementary to APO Au Revoir soap: simply attach the magnetic soap dish to your sink or credenza, and you're ready to cook!

Local and sustainable manufacturing
APO teams up with French brand Chamarrel to offer a magnetic soap dish, Made in France, using resistantmaterials (stainless steel cap, magnet treated against corrosion, suction cup) which makes it a durable item.
It is the result of a collaboration between French companies and local partners, to support theFrench craft industry. The design of the soap dish involves local workers with disabilities and contributes to their integration through work. It is assembled in an ESAT , not far from our partner brand Chamarrel.

Practical use for a simplified routine
1. Insert the capsule into the centre of the soap or shampoo , by hand, and foam around it.
2. Let it dry for 8 hours before the first use.
3. Attach the suction cup to a smooth, clean, dry and smooth surface. You can place it on any surface of your choice (glass, mirror, smooth tiles, sink).
4. Attach the soap to the suction cup using the magnet.

Tip : to unhook the soap on a daily basis, rotate it (rather than pull it) so that the cap does not come off the soap.

What to do when your soap reaches the end of its life?
Remove the cap from the soap and place the piece of soap in your APO soap saver bag !

A zero waste alternative in responsible packaging
The magnetic soap dish is packaged and distributed in its eco-friendly mini-box made of 96% recycled paper and 4% grass .

Precautions for use
- Regularly clean the suction cup and the magnet part with clean water and allow them to dry to prevent the build-up of residues that could damage the magnet.
- Avoid using a metal tool to handle the accessory (tweezers, etc.) to avoid rusting.
- As the magnet is powerful, remember to keep it away from electronic objects.
- Maximum weight supported by the soap dish:
→ 200g: in all positions including vertically.
→ 400g: horizontal (suction cup fixed on a horizontally).
Warning: the magnetic soap dish must be kept out of reach of children.

Technical characteristics
The product is composed of 2 pieces:
- the suction cup containing the magnet,
- the capsule to be inserted in the soap.
Materials of the elements:
- capsule: stainless steel,
- magnet: neodymium with rustproof epoxy sealing,
- suction cup: soft PVC without phthalate.
- suction cup: 3.5 x 1.5
- capsule dimensions: 2.2 x 0.5
Colours of the magnet
Net weight: 12g