Menstrual cup and its protective pouch


APO's reusable menstrual cup is a healthy and responsible alternative to tampons.

Made from 100% undyed medical grade silicone, it is one of the most flexible on the market.

It provides you with up to 8 hours of protection.

Avalaible in 2 sizes : S and M

  • S: Women under 30 years of age, light flow, women who have not had a child yet or given birth by caesarean section.
  • M: Women over 30 years of age, abundant flow, women with a vaginal delivery.

Read the manual carefully before using for the first time. 

€17.00 Tax included

La coupe menstruelle APO 100% française !
APO's reusable menstrual cup is made from 100% platinum silicone, a medical-grade silicone that guarantees a higher quality and longer life than conventional silicone.
As it is 100% hypo allergic, latex-free, phthalate-free and bleach-free, it is suitable for all women (whether virgin or not).
APO's menstrual cup is made in the South of France, and is delivered in an OEKO-TEX®* cotton gauze storage bag.
If you wear an IUD, ask your doctor or gynaecologist for advice (to avoid the suction cup effect, press one side of the cup firmly before pulling it out).
All the information concerning the use and maintenance of the cut can be found in the instructions for use.

Available in 2 sizes
The APO's reusable menstrual cup is available in 2 sizes: S for a light flow and M for an abundant flow. 

  • Size S: 47 mm x 41 mm diameter (11g) - capacity 20 ml
  • Size M: 52 mm x 46 mm diameter (13g) - capacity 30 ml 

No over-packaging
The menstrual cup comes in a storage pouch and an instruction leaflet that you can find online at any time.

Your sanitary protection reimbursed!
Did you know that: the French student complementary health insurance company LMDE reimburses sanitary protection up to €25 per year? For more information, go directly to the LMDE website.

*What is the OEKO-TEX® label?
The OEKO-TEX® label certifies the absence of harmful substances in textiles and colourings. This label, also known as OEKOTEX standard 100, is an international control and certification system. It is recognized by professionals and consumers as a "guarantee of safety". Thus, when an article is guaranteed by this label, it promises the exclusion of undesirable substances that may be harmful to the health of consumers.


Notice d'utilisation cup

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