Cleansing glove - Combination to oily skin

The makeup remover glove is ideal for your daily makeup removal - made of bamboo sponge & microfiber - it gently cleanses mixed to oily skins.

  • Side 1: the bamboo sponge to gently clean
  • Side 2: the microfiber to deep clean impurities and excess oil

Simple makeup removal that helps respect the skin and the environment.

Objective ZERO WASTE: replace 600 disposable cotton pads

Handmade in Hauts-de-France Handmade in Hauts-de-France

Caresse Superfatted Soap - Combination to Oily Skin

Think about combining it with the Caress Cold Soap, designed for sensitive skin.

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The cleansing glove for combination to oily skin in bamboo sponge!
APO has joined forces with a northern France brand FIBAO, an expert in bamboo toiletries.
There is no organic certified bamboo as its production is naturally pesticide-free.
We have chosen bamboo fibre, which is more absorbent and more resistant to washing than cotton.

Its composition
90% viscose from bamboo processing - 10% polyester

Use instructions
1. Moisten your make-up remover glove with water.
2. Apply your usual make-up remover or cold soap.
3. Gently rub face, eyes and lips.
4. Turn the glove over and rinse off with the other side.
5. After each use, clean the glove with soap and water and allow to dry in the open air.

Side 1: the bamboo sponge for gentle cleansing
Side 2: microfibre for deep cleansing of impurities and excess sebum.

Care instructions
Machine washable up to 60°C.
Tumble dry for more softness.

Dimension, weight and packaging
12 x 22,5 x 1,5 cm (26 g)
Without packaging, sold with an explanatory card (to be downloaded in the "Instructions for use" tab).


Gant démaquillant Peau mixte

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