Soap pouch

The APO soap pouch allows you to carry your APO solid soaps without wetting your toiletry bag!

It will also come in handy to carry your sanitary pads, tissues, or make-up remover squares!

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Pochon à savon en lin enduit

The APO soap pouch is the essential accessory to carry your soap!
The waterproof fabric can be easily rinsed under water and dries quickly.
It closes with a flap that allows you to slide your soap in easily. 
100% made in the North of France: sewn by Plateau Fertile, a collaborative third party in Roubaix. 

Its composition
French linen with water-repellent coating 
2 colours available: ecru and fig

Use instructions 
Machine wash up to 30°C, no tumble dryer.
To optimize the life of your soap, make sure to wipe it beforehand in a towel or cloth. 

Dimensions, weight and packaging
10 x 14 cm (10 g)
Without packaging

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