Multi-purposes Balm - 50g

The 100% natural origin and certified organic multi-purposes balm that takes care of the skin of the whole family !

→ Enriched with coconut oil and calendula, it moisturizes, intensely nourishes, soothes, repairs and protects the body and face.

→ Its melting texture penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film, and brings a feeling of hydration.

Tested under the control of a dermatologist, the high tolerance balm has been designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive, from birth on.

Multi-purpose: visage, body, face, hands, hair, nails, massage, aftershave and after-sun

Note Yuka : Excellent 100/100 Score : Excellent - 100/100

Fait à la main dans les Hauts-de-France Handcrafted in Hauts-de-France

Its specificities

Babies, pregnant and nursing women
Babies, pregnant and nursing women
Fragrance and essential oil free
Fragrance and essential oil free
Sensitive skin
Sensitive skins



Soyez prévenu dès que le produit est de retour :

Simple and reassuring raw materials for a concentrate of efficiency and a real pleasure to use.
100% natural, the ingredients of our certified organic balm have been specially chosen for their moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and protective properties, for a sensation of maximum comfort on the skin.
Find out more about 8 ingredients of the certified organic balm and their properties.

Particular care has been taken with the texture of our balm: a melting texture, which penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film, and which does not liquefy in the heat for use all year round.

Without perfume or essential oil, it is suitable for the whole family from birth. 
Suitable for all skin types, its skin tolerance and effectiveness have been proven by tests carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist.
Its little extra? You will love its pleasant coconut scent !

Simplify your routine: 8 uses in 1 balm !

  • Body care
    Apply the balm to dry areas : it provides a feeling of hydration, intensely nourishes, and leaves the skin soft.
    It is ideal for soothing the skin of pregnant women, which is subject to severe stress !
    Use it also to massage baby and offer you a real moment of relaxation and complicity.

  • Facial care
    Due to its high coconut oil content, the moisturizing balm is recommended for dry to combination skin, but should be avoided for acne-prone and blemish-prone skin.

  • Lip Care
    Like a regular lip balm, it nourishes and repairs chapped lips and makes them softer and smoother.

  • Hand care
    The multi-purpose balm is ideal for dry and chapped hands, for an immediate nourishing and repairing effect without stickiness. A small amount of product is enough for a guaranteed result !

  • Hair tip care
    Take a small amount of balm on your fingers and rub it directly onto your damaged hair tips. For maximum nourishment, on unwashed hair, apply the balm to the lengths and leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse and proceed with a optimal hair routine with the Solid Shampoo andthe Solid Conditionner APO. The result? Hair that's in great shape!

  • After-sun
    Applied directly to the skin after exposure to the sun's rays, the balm moisturizes and soothes the skin. Caution: this treatment is neither a sun cream nor a cream to be used in case of sunburn or burns.

  • After shave and beard care
    The multi-purpose balm soothes and relieves skin after hair removal or razor burn. It can also be used as beard care.

  • Nail care
    Adopt the balm on your nails and cuticles to nourish and repair them.


Le baume procure une sensation de nutrition intense

The balm provides an intensely nourishing sensation
Le baume apaise instantanément les zones sèches et irritées

The balm instantly soothes dry and irritated areas
Le baume laisse la peau douce

The balm leaves the skin soft
Le baume pénètre rapidement sans laisser de film gras

The balm penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film.

Tested under the supervision of a dermatologist on a panel of 20 peoples.

Easy to apply
Take only a small amount of the balm and warm it in the palm of your hand or apply it directly to the desired body area. Then massage it in gently.
Thanks to its richness in vegetable oils and butter, a very small amount is enough !

A local production
The moisturizing balm is manufactured by our workshop in Wattrelos in the Hauts-de-France.

On the way to Zero Waste
No more plastic containers! APO offers you its multi-purpose balm in a recyclable, innovative and ecological cardboard jar.
Because Zero Waste also means simplifying your beauty routine, the multi-purpose balm meets the needs of the whole family with 1 single product.

All about zero waste

A certified ORGANIC balm
We do not use palm oil. We prefer high quality vegetable oils and butters, all of which are organically grown.
Our balm is certified organic by Ecocert according to the European standard COSMOS ORGANIC.
We even go beyond this demanding standard since 100% of our ingredients are of natural origin.
In accordance with European regulations, our products are not tested on animals.

Advice for storage
Store at room temperature away from sunlight or heat sources.
The melting point of the balm is high enough that it does not need to be stored in a cool place in summer.
At the time of the first use, the top of the balm can present some white grains on the top. Don't worry, in this case it is the shea butter that has crystallized: the crystals will melt naturally on contact with your skin.

Precautions for use
External use.
Weight : 50g

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