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Christmas gift - scented candle

Scented candle - Winter evening - gingerbread

This candle will enchant your winter evenings with the gourmet scent of freshly baked gingerbread.

A candle
100% made from recycled materials
Recycled wax from parish waxes
Fragrance with honeyed notes of gingerbread
Reusable pot in pearly white Wasterial®.
Burning time 45h
Made in France

Winter Evening Candle scents your home creating a warm atmosphere.

Co-created with Etnisi, a Lille-based company that revalorises local materials to create design objects, it is 100% made from recycled materials. Its pearly white Wasterial® pot is made of 75% recycled glass dust. The wax is recycled from parish waxes and has been scented with honeyed gingerbread notes.

Burning time 45h

Reusable jar: once the candle is finished

A new pleasure gesture for a daily skincare ritual that does you good.

At any time of day, light your candle by keeping the wick upright and centered and enjoy its sweet gingerbread fragrance with gourmet notes of cinnamon and honey.

Reusable pot: once the candle is finished, use its pot as a design pot for your bathroom. You can use it for your rechargeable toothbrushes or hairbrushes.

Precaution for use: Keep the wick vertical, centred and sufficiently short by cutting it if necessary, so that it does not smoke. Do not place directly on a fragile surface. Never leave burning unattended or near flammable material. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Remove any impurities that accumulate at the end of the wick before relighting your candle.

Natural scented candle

Gingerbread scented wax:

Recycled from parish waxes of different origins:
- soy wax candles as they are presented at the offering and not in ceremony
- beeswax allowing a long burning time

Pot in pearly white Wasterial:

Wasterial in white glass is a 100% recycled material composed of 75% recycled glass dust and 25% resin binder which is also from recycling.


Fragrance, Cinnamal (0,014%), Benzyl alcohol (0,004%), Cinnamyl alcohol (0,0011%)

A candle that does us good, and the planet good.
Made in France and locally, in collaboration with Etnisi, a company from Lille that revalorizes local materials to create design objects.

Recovering used materials, the candle is 100% made from recycled materials. The white glass Wasterial is a 100% recycled material made from 75% recycled glass dust and 25% resin binder which is also from recycling. The wax is recycled from parish waxes.

its strapping is made from 100% recycled paper.

His jar is reusable and refillable: refill your candle using the wax refills available on Etnisi, or reuse your jar into a stylish, practical and decorative bathroom jar.

We are thinking of a complete routine to accompany your transition.

To complete your experience and give yourself a warm cocooning moment, light your candle during your care routine to create a real moment of relaxation. For example, it will perfectly accompany your body moisturizing routine by lighting it while you take care of your skin by applying one of our nourishing treatments: solid cream or our multi-use balm.

Discover our skincare routines and save money for you, or your tribe.