Our story

APO was created when two entrepreneurs from the North of France met.
They were tow fathers with a passion for simple, quality products.

A strong desire to be producers to make organic
and 100% natural cosmetic products affordable.

At APO, we never compromise on naturalness!
We believe that the products we use every day,
for us and for our children,
should be as simple as possible,
without ingredients of concern.

Care products with reassuring ingredients
is our commitment.

Problème de peau

It all started with skin problems.

Our soap maker's name is Romuald; he is 43.
The daily life of this former R&D formulator in the pharmaceutical industry
was regulated by repeated showers.

As he was working daily in a protective suit to develop drugs against cancer and leukaemia,
his skin has suffered from permanent contact with synthetic products.

Not finding soaps suitable for his skin condition, 
he decided to make his own extra-creamy, cold-technique soaps,
with moisturizing and ultra-nourishing properties.

Building on his success, he has been manufacturing quality natural care products since 2014 in a conscious zero waste approach.

APO's commitments

origine naturelle
Up to 100%
natural origin

Handcrafted cosmetics in our northern workshop

Beyond the most committed organic labels

savoir faire artisanal
Artisanal manufactured

peaux famille
Designed for the skin needs of the family

An artisanal and eco-responsible workshop

Our soaps are handmade in our workshop located in Wattrelos,
in the North of France.

We do our best every day to limit our environmental impact.
Our workshop is eco-designed and certified High Environmental Quality.
We recover rainwater, we heat with geothermal energy, 
the walls are wood siding,
and the electricity comes from the solar panels on our roof.

We manufacture our products with complete transparency
according to strict health and environmental constraints.

Atelier artisanale

We have chosen to go beyond the most committed organic labels :

Our products are 
certified by Ecocert

100% origine naturelle
100% natural origin 

zero huile de palme
0% Palm oil

agriculture biologique
A maximum of raw materials
from Organic Agriculture

cosmetique bio solide

A solid know-how in ORGANIC cosmetics

We have a real know-how in solid organic cosmetics and especially in cold-process method

It is an artisanal manufacturing method that preserves the benefits of oils and plants.

Respectful of the environment, it is a process that results from the reaction between a fatty substance and a strong base to give soap and glycerin.

The natural glycerin and oils in surgras bring moisturizing and ultra-nourishing properties to the soap.

The cold-processed soap is 100% biodegradable and doesn't pollute water or soil during use.

A team of passionate people

Since the creation of APO France, our small team has grown and everyone is working towards offering reassuring and affordable products.

Charlotte : Web
Maëlys : Marketing
Mira : Trade
Romuald : Production
Antoine : CEO
Pierre : Production Manager
Christine : Customer Service
Justine : R&D Manager
Marie Ange : Logistics

We first develop our products for our family and loved ones to ensure that we meet everyone's real needs.

Feel free to write to us with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Co-creation with our community is essential to meet your expectations as a conscious users.

Equipe apo