At APO, we believe that we will succeed in consuming differently together, by combining sensory and aesthetic pleasure, efficiency, ease of use and respect for the living.
Our APO equation, quite simply.

Our products are designed to be used, shared, and preserved. They are composed of few ingredients that work and this, without compromising on the result and sensoriality.

Our commitment is to always do better and that means making choices...
The choice to be in a research process and to learn together
The choice of a light composition with a short list of ingredients
The choice of organic, or not, as it is not always necessary
The natural choice, without controversial ingredients
Choosing the best for our planet


We want to do everything we can to create everyday care for you and your tribe.


>We think of care and routines to make you discover the gesture of solid cosmetics, without compromising your well-being and your pleasure.

The pleasure in the sensoriality of our products, in their use, their scent, their texture, ...


We want products that deliver on their promises above all else. We need products that wash, lather, smell good, moisturize,...


Because changing the way you consume is difficult... We have at heart to accompany you in the learning of these new gestures with good and beautiful products.

The aesthetics of the product, its packaging, its experience,...


We develop our products by choosing the best for our bodies and our planet, in a constant quest to do better.

Short ingredient list
No controversial ingredients
Yuka's excellent goal
Going organic as soon as possible
Going 100% natural
Going zero plastic