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Soft Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult

The Soft bamboo toothbrush is an alternative to plastic toothbrushes for a gentle cleaning.

Its features ?
- A head composed of filaments of vegetable origin, made from castor oil
- Rounded filaments to take care of our gums
- Straight cut for a soft brushing action
- A natural handle made of sustainable bamboo, FSC® certified 100% from well-managed forests.


Handles are personalized with small symbols: no more making mistakes with your bathroom neighbor !

Discover :

extra souple

For an even greener brushing experience: discover our APO solid toothpaste!

APO takes care of our smile.
The head of the SOUPLE toothbrush is composed of filaments of vegetable origin, made from castor oil.
A straight cut and rounded filaments for a gentle brushing of our gums!

APO takes care of our planet.
A natural handle, made from 100% FSC® bamboo from well-managed forests, without varnish or treatment.
This is a variety of bamboo that is not consumed by pandas, and does not hinder the survival of the species. The growth of bamboo can exceed 1 meter per day and does not require any pesticides. It is a rapidly renewable natural resource, ideal for an everyday product!  
→ A more ecological handle: reduces plastic waste compared to a conventional toothbrush.
To recycle the brush, break the head and put the handle in the green waste garbage can.

Precautions for use and recommendations
- Rinse the head of your toothbrush before using it for the first time.
- Rinse with clear water after each use and remove toothpaste residue.
- Avoid placing the toothbrush in a glass where stagnant water could damage it prematurely.
- Change your toothbrush at least every 3 months.
Our tip?
Don't hesitate to recycle your toothbrush before throwing it away: to clean your shoes or to do housework.

Other features
Soft Adult : 22 cm / 17 g
Made in China (where bamboo grows!), manufacturing controlled by independent laboratories.

→ Zero waste goal: the APO bamboo toothbrush is sent in a 100% recyclable cardboard box!