Extra-soft replaceable-head toothbrush (1 handle + 2 heads)

The APO replaceable-head toothbrush is environmentally friendly: an alternative for a zero-waste goal !
Available in hardness EXTRA-SOFT for a gentle cleaning:
extra Souple.svg
The principle?
You keep the handle and only change the head!

Its specific features ? 
- A replaceable and recyclable head thanks to our collection tool TerraCycle
- Tapered technical filaments with extra-fine tips for a gentle cleaning
- A cut that takes care of sensitive gums
- An included tongue scraper
- A 90% plant-based handle 
made in the North-of-France

This pack includes 1 handle (green or beige: to be selected below) and 2 EXTRA-SOFT heads.

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APO takes care of our smile.
The EXTRA-SOFT toothbrush head is made of tapered technical filaments with extra-fine tips.
Its cut gently cleans the teeth and takes care of the most sensitive gums.
The extra benefit : there is an  included tongue scraper for a perfect oral hygiene.

APO takes care of our planet.
- A handle of vegetable origin, made in the North-of-France from 90% sugar cane.
- Recyclable heads thanks to our collection tool TerraCycle.
Due to their small size, used toothbrush heads are currently not taken care of by the classic recycling process.
It's easy and free : discover how to give a second life to used heads here !
Our heads are compatible with most handles available on the French market.

→ A more ecological approach : 80% less plastic compared to the classic adult toothbrush average weight.

Precautions for use and recommendations
- After each use, rinse with clear water and remove toothpaste residues.
- Unclip the head every 20 days to wash away toothpaste residue.
- Change your head at least every 3 months (and send them back to us free of charge !)
A trick ?
Don't hesitate to reuse your toothbrush before recycling it: to clean your shoes or to do housework.

APO assures us the highest quality
Manufacturing controlled by independent laboratories.
Packed in France in an ESAT by people with disabilities.

Other features
Size and weight Adult Extra-Soft: 185 mm / 14 g
Filaments: tapered nylon
Base: white PP
Handle in bioplastic (PE) made locally in the North-of-France / Heads made in China

Zero plastic goal : the APO replaceable-head toothbrush is sent in a 100% recyclable cardboard box, printed in France with vegetable oil based inks.