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Solid toothpaste box - aluminium

The solid toothpaste carrying case keeps your lozenges fresh and dry, and accompanies you on the go.

An accessory
Infinitely refillable
Holds up to 125 tablets
Made in France

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Solid toothpaste box protects and carries your chewable tablets.

The perfect accessory to hold your toothpaste tablets and keep them dry, for use at home, in the office or when travelling.
Made of ultra-light aluminium, it completes your dental routine by dressing up your sink or slipping into your toiletry bag.

A new gesture for a daily care ritual that does you good.
After you've chewed your last lozenge, recommend your compostable solid toothpaste pouch and use it as a refill for your aluminium can.

Video of use

Rinse the box with clean water. Do not put the box in the dishwasher.
Be sure to reseal the container after use to prevent the lozenges from absorbing moisturé or losing their taste.

Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 6,5 cm x 2,5 cm
Colour: silver
Net weight: 12g

An accessory made in the Paris region.
An aluminium box that makes it an eco-responsible accessory.
Refill your box endlessly with our natural toothpaste: the box has been designed to hold all 125 tablets in its compostable bag.

We think of a complete routine to accompany your transition.
This aluminium canister can hold up to 125 tablets, the exact number in the our bag of natural solid toothpaste.

After a few uses of our solid shampoos, you can also put them in this box to take them with you in your luggage.

Going on a trip soon? Don't forget to add a refillable toothbrush in your toiletry kit, to a dental routine 100% sustainable!

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