Make-up remover glove with water

The makeup remover glove removes all traces of makeup (even the hard-to-reach ones) without adding extra product and leaves your skin clean and cleansed.
A glove, water and that's it!

All skin types.

A glove
An exclusive microfiber patented by KT Care, inspired by Korean expertise
Make-up removal with water, without make-up remover
Effectively removes even stubborn makeup
Washable and reusable for 2 years

The water-based makeup remover glove gently removes makeup and cleanses.
Our water-based makeup remover glove effectively removes impurities, leaving your skin perfectly clean and healthy.
Its small size allows you to reach the smallest corners of your face and will accompany you everywhere.

Satisfied users of satisfied users*

*Result obtained after an internal study at KT Care.

Two new gestures for a daily care ritual that does you good.

Treat yourself to a first moment of relaxation in your bathroom. Wet your makeup remover glove with warm water and rub it gently over your face to remove the few impurities formed during the night. Apply your facial care routine and start your new day with peace of mind...

Step into your bathroom, wet the makeup remover glove with warm water and gently remove makeup from your face, focusing on your eyes and lips if necessary. Use the other side of the glove to complete the deep cleansing of your pores. Take advantage of this last appointment with yourself to do yourself some good, and get out of your bathroom whenever you want...

Little tip: it is also ideal for last minute make-up touch-ups!

After each use, clean your glove with soap and water and let it air dry.
Machine washable at 60° (without adding fabric softener). For whiteness, it is possible to add a little baking soda.
If you wash it by hand, we advise you to soak it in hot water. Be careful to rinse it well so that it remains soft and compact.

An exclusive microfiber patented by KT Care and inspired by Korean expertise.
This makeup remover glove is made with a knitted fiber composed of loop-shaped microfilaments that, when in contact with water, provide deep makeup removal for all skin types.

Composed of 70% polyester and 30% nylon.

A water-based makeup remover glove that does us good, and the planet good.
Use for 2 years.
A saving of 2000 disposable cotton pads and 12 bottles of plastic make-up remover*.
Offered in a recyclable cardboard box certified FSC (sustainably managed forests).

*Result obtained after internal calculation at KT Care. May vary depending on frequency and conditions of use.

A complete routine to accompany your transition.
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