Multi-use solid cream

Solid Cream - Multi-use - 50g

The organic solid cream with cocoa butter is a real care product that moisturises, intensely nourishes, soothes, repairs and protects the body and face.

→ 5 simple and reassuring ingredients : organic cocoa butter, castor wax, organic virgin coconut oil, a few drops of Grasse perfume and vitamin E.

Dermatologist-tested APO solid cream is suitable for all skin types from 3 years old.

You'll become addicted to its gourmet vanilla and cocoa fragrance !

Multi-purpose: face, body, hands, hair, nails, massage, aftershave and aftersun

  Handmade in the Hauts-de-France region

Its specificitiess

Pour toute la famille - dès 3 ans
For the whole
from 3 years old
Parfum gourmand aux notes de vanille et cacao
Gourmet vanilla & cocoa fragrance
Tested under the supervision of a dermatologist
Tested under the supervision of a dermatologist

Our certification


Simple and reassuring raw materials for proven effectiveness
100% of natural origin, the ingredients of the organic solid cream have been specially chosen for their moisturising, nourishing, soothing and protective virtues, for maximum skin comfort.

→ Find out more about the 5 ingredients of the organic solid cream and their properties.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, its skin tolerance and effectiveness have been roven by tests carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Revolutionize your routine: 8 uses in 1 cream !

  • Face and body care
    Apply the organic solid cream to dry areas to soothe them immediately. It provides a sensation of moisture, intensely nourishes and leaves the skin soft.

  • Lip care
    The cream can be applied like a lip balm, to nourish and repair chapped lips and make them softer and smoother.

  • Hand care
    The organic solid cream is ideal for dry and chapped hands, for an immediate nourishing and repairing effect without any greasy or sticky effect.

  • Hair ends care
    Take a small amount of cream from your fingers and rub it directly onto your damaged hair ends.

  • After Sun
    Applied directly to the skin after exposure to the sun's rays, the solid cream moisturises and soothes the epidermis. Caution : this treatment is neither a sunscreen nor a cream to be used in case of sunburn or burns.  

  • After-shave and beard treatment
    The solid cream soothes and relieves razor burn. It can also be used for beard care.

  • Massage balm
    Once warmed up on contact with your skin, the solid cream can be used as a massage balm, for a moment of guaranteed relaxation !

  • Nail care
    The organic solid cream is applied to your nails and cuticles to nourish and repair them.


The cream is easy to apply

The cream is easy to apply
The cream reduces feelings of dryness and tightness

The cream reduces feelings of dryness
and tightness
The cream leaves the skin soft

The cream leaves the skin soft
The cream is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy film

The cream is absorbed quickly
without leaving a greasy film

Tested under the supervision of a dermatologist on a panel of 20 people. 

A new gesture that is easy to adopt
The solid cream can be used in two ways : after heating it up in contact with your skin to activate it, you can rub the pebble directly on your skin, or take a small amount with your fingers. Apply to the desired area and massage in gently.

Locally manufactured
Handmade in our workshop in Wattrelos in the North of France.
Palm oil is banned in our company. We favour high-quality vegetable oils and butters, all of which arefrom Organic Farming.
→ To discover what goes on behind the scenes in our workshop, we invite you to visit our blog !

For a Zero Waste Routine... No more plastic tubes!
On the road to zero waste ! One 50 g APO multi-purpose cream replaces approximately 2 x 50 ml tubes for the use of a classic cream.
The solid cream is packaged and distributed in its PEFC-certified (sustainably managed forests) cardboard box, printed next to our workshop with vegetable oil-based inks, and of course 100% recyclable !

A moisturizing cream certified ORGANIC
Our solid creams are certified organic by Ecocert according to the European standard COSMOS ORGANIC..
We even go beyond this demanding standard as 100% of our ingredients are ofnatural origin.
In accordance with European regulations, all our products are not tested on animals.

Conservation advice
Store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or heat, in a glass jar or closed box.
The melting point of the cream is high enough that it does not need to be stored in a cool place in the summer.
Discover our coated linen pouch and take your cream everywhere.

Precautions for use
For external use.
Contains perfume, allergen free labeling.
Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 3 years of age (because of the presence of perfume).

→ And if you wish to please one of your loved ones : find our reusable gift bags. 

An 8-in-1 care for a simplified routine !