Solid cold-processed soaps

Soap scraps - batch of 300g

In our zero-waste approach, we recover the scraps of all APO soaps, handcrafted in our workshop to offer them to you in batches of 300g.

The benefits of soap are exactly the same, only the format is different!
Each batch is unique: we guarantee only the minimum weight of 300g.

Multi-purpose : face, body, hair and hands  Choose the scraps of your favorite APO soaps!

  Artisanal manufactured in the North of France

The scraps are available in all references of APO soaps:

Savon bio bébéSavon bio enfantSavon bio douceurSavon bio réconfortSavon bio caresseSavon bio tendresseSavon bio bien aiméSavon bio partageSavon bio au revoir

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What are soap scraps ?

When we make our soaps, we make them in large blocks, which we cut into 100g rectangular soaps. Soap scraps are the edges of the soap blocks, which remain after cutting and are unused. These scraps are more or less thick, depending on the cut.

Find all the information of all the soaps by visiting their descriptive page :

Savon naturel bio bebe Bébé - Selected by maternities
savon bio naturel enfant Enfant - Fragile skin
savon bio naturel douceur Douceur - Sensitive skin
savon bio naturel réconfort Réconfort - Very dry & atopic skin
savon bio naturel caresse Caresse - Combination to oily skin
savon bio naturel tendresse Tendresse - Normal to dry skin
savon bio naturel bien aimé Bien-Aimé - Hair &  Body
savon bio naturel partage Partage - Hair & Body
savon bio naturel au revoir Au Revoir - Hands & Persistent Smells

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On aime

Depuis que j ai découvert cette marque sur, je n utilise plus que ces savons d excellente qualité. Fan inconditionnelle du savon Bébé, j ai converti toute la famille. On a d ailleurs troqué nos bouteilles de gel douche contre des chutes de savons solides zéro déchet. On est ravi. Longue vie à APO. Cœurs sur vous.

Gael, 09/15/2020

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