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Solid cold-processed soaps

(almost) perfect soaps - 300g


Set of 3 soaps at 10€! → "2+1 free"

Because we don't want to throw anything away!

Handmade, all our soaps are not perfectly calibrated: a little too small or too big, asymmetrical, broken, cracked, stained, little marbled or little colored, ... so many soaps a little less beautiful but which are nevertheless just as effective as our originals.

The formulation is the same: the benefits and properties are the same, only the form is different ... and the price!

Available in 6 references : DOUCEUR, RÉCONFORT

Savon bio douceurSavon bio réconfort

Each batch is unique (so don't rely on the photos): we guarantee only the minimum weight of 300g.

 Craft manufacturing in the Hauts-de-France

Our certifications


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